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Cities Of The Future

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Below is 20 reasons why the world Loves us! It's fool proof, fail proof, and 100 % beneficial to all life, and our planet. This is the BEST PLAN ON EARTH!

LoveGaia: Matriarch Sovereign Nation Of Love

  • Sovereign Nation: LoveGaia A Matriarch Sovereign Nation

A self recognized nation of people who will function harmonically in international waters, with many other nations. Focused on green life, and planetary enhancing methods of operation. Geared to benefit humanity, and the planet, while working parallel with other sovereign nations, and governments around the world. A global Co-operative.

Products of development, and areas of secure investment available to all investors. 

Self Sustained Cities of LoveGaia which produce and provide:
  1. Specialty Crops: Healthy Food 24/7 - 5 times the annual harvests
  2. Housing
  3. Jobs
  4. Education
  5. Amenities
  6. Life Centre
  7. Waste to Renewable Energy
  8. Purified Water
  9. Purified Top Soil
  10. Energy Credits
  11. Bio-Fuel, Syngas
  12. Investment vehicles
  13. Tax Shelters
  14. Tourism
  15. Import/Export
  16. Time Share
  17. SOP: Clean Up International Waters of Pollutants, and all toxic debris, while producing Energy - Biofuel - Syngas - Energy Credits
  18. Contaminated Land Donation to Non Profit: Clean up of ANY Contaminated Land/Garbage Dumps/Land Fills: Global
  19. Over 160 New Technologies, with access to over 10,000 patents in review for future use and implementation
  20. Cooperative with Non Profit/Profit based entities

The Power Of Love...


Is Now Within You ... Join Us♥ 

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